Don’t Become a Victim When You Travel

When you travel, it’s imperative that you protect yourself. This does not just include your physical person, but also includes the important documents you travel with, such as passports, driver’s licenses and credit or debit cards.Before leaving for your vacation, make photocopies of each document, identification and credit/debit card that you will be carrying with you. One of the copies needs to be left with a trusted family member or friend. They need a copy in case any of the documents are lost or stolen, they have the information necessary to act on your behalf and contact the financial or governmental institutions necessary.You need to have an additional copy of each document with you when you travel so that you also know who to contact and can advise the person at home with any questions they may have.If you vacation on a cruise, you need a third photocopy of your documents. One photocopy should be left with someone at home, as previously state, a second copy should be carried with you while on shore, and a third should be locked securely on the cruise ship. (The purser will most likely keep your passport for the length of the cruise to speed up the immigration process in each country.)When you travel internationally, you should keep a photocopy of your passport with you at all times. This shows your U.S. citizenship and can help considerably in the process of replacing your passport if it is stolen. It is also required by many countries for tourists to have a copy of their passport on them at all times. Tourists in these countries can even be stopped by the police and asked to show the photocopy. (Before taking your vacation, find out the law for that specific country.) However, unless you actually need your passport with you for the day, do not carry your actual passport with you on your vacation if at all possible. It should be kept in a secure place to prevent it from being lost or stolen.Protecting yourself is critical at all times, but when you are on vacation away from home you need to take extra precautions. This includes the documents that verify who you are, your citizenship, that permit you in and out of countries, and that access your finances. Don’t travel without being prepared.

The Three C’s Of Travel Insurance

Safety and security has always been a huge issue while traveling and in recent years, it has gained in importance. Travel insurance plans insure a person against accidents and losses that could occur while traveling. The common aspects covered by insurance policies, include theft, injury and loss of life. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting a travel insurance policy.CompanyThe first thing you must look at is the company. It must have a strong reputation and preferably many years of experience in the field. They must know travel insurance inside out and it should reflect in their plans and services. Additionally you can research the company on the web for reviews or ask them for a list of prominent clients to get a fair idea of the quality of their business. Call them up or email them with questions to ascertain their response and level of customer service. Excuses and deals are a warning sign and it is best to avoid such companies.CoverageAfter preparing a short-list a few prominent companies you can now research the plans they have on offer. Make sure that you go through the policies in detail so that you know exactly what is covered and to what is extent it is covered. Ask them questions to clear any doubts. You do not want to be dragged to courts for an incorrect claim. If you intend to travel internationally seek an appropriate plan.CostKeep in mind that costlier does not necessarily mean better. There are hundreds of companies are out there and some are more efficient than others and the efficient ones can pass their savings on to their customers in terms of reduced prices. Decide what you features you want and what coverage you are looking for. Then go through several plans to compare the prices being demanded. Be on the look out for discounts.As you can see, purchasing travel insurance plan is so much easier if you keep the three C’s in mind. With a reliable insurance package in the bag you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Travel Insurance – Health Insurance For Travelers

You need travel insurance or health insurance for travelers if you are traveling internationally. Say your travel plans are set – from where you are staying to what you will do when you arrive at your destination abroad. But what if something unexpected should happen and you end up in the hospital? Your health insurance may give you the best coverage here in the U.S., but there are limitations once you leave the country, and you do not want to be caught off guard.Lets say you are hiking in Europe, take a fall, and break your ankle. You are rushed to the local hospital and given emergency care. Or what if the injury was so severe, that you had to be kept overnight in a foreign hospital? If you needed to be transported by helicopter or airplane to another facility, this can also get costly. If you were home, your health insurance would cover these expenses, but because you are out of the country, your healthcare plan will not give you sufficient protection against these risks. There are short term health insurance plans available that can ease the anxiety of traveling abroad, so that you can truly enjoy your time away.Travel health insurance is a form of short term health insurance that can provide proper coverage while you are away. It can also protect you from be held liable for medical expenses that may occur, should something happen during your out-of-country stay. One of the most common limitations is the time period for which you are covered – which expires as soon as your return back to your home country. Another limitation is that it is only usable for medical health emergencies, meaning that you cannot purchase coverage and expect to be treated for pre-existing conditions or for a procedure that is not deemed medically necessary. Travel health coverage will also not pay for treatments that are pending – again, something that is related to a pre-existing condition.With this kind of insurance, you can feel protected during your travels and not be hit with big bills once you return home. And with the assurance that you are covered should you unexpectedly get hurt or sick, you can truly go out and have a good time on your vacation.