Don’t Become a Victim When You Travel

When you travel, it’s imperative that you protect yourself. This does not just include your physical person, but also includes the important documents you travel with, such as passports, driver’s licenses and credit or debit cards.Before leaving for your vacation, make photocopies of each document, identification and credit/debit card that you will be carrying with you. One of the copies needs to be left with a trusted family member or friend. They need a copy in case any of the documents are lost or stolen, they have the information necessary to act on your behalf and contact the financial or governmental institutions necessary.You need to have an additional copy of each document with you when you travel so that you also know who to contact and can advise the person at home with any questions they may have.If you vacation on a cruise, you need a third photocopy of your documents. One photocopy should be left with someone at home, as previously state, a second copy should be carried with you while on shore, and a third should be locked securely on the cruise ship. (The purser will most likely keep your passport for the length of the cruise to speed up the immigration process in each country.)When you travel internationally, you should keep a photocopy of your passport with you at all times. This shows your U.S. citizenship and can help considerably in the process of replacing your passport if it is stolen. It is also required by many countries for tourists to have a copy of their passport on them at all times. Tourists in these countries can even be stopped by the police and asked to show the photocopy. (Before taking your vacation, find out the law for that specific country.) However, unless you actually need your passport with you for the day, do not carry your actual passport with you on your vacation if at all possible. It should be kept in a secure place to prevent it from being lost or stolen.Protecting yourself is critical at all times, but when you are on vacation away from home you need to take extra precautions. This includes the documents that verify who you are, your citizenship, that permit you in and out of countries, and that access your finances. Don’t travel without being prepared.